Cycle Fintech - Taking Privacy Seriously: Design and Regulation of Digital Flat Currency

    THEORETICAL TRAINING Duration : 1 h 30 DESCRIPTION SOMMAIRE Taking Privacy Seriously: Design and Regulation of Digital Fiat Currency As part of the conference cycle "Fintech: Regulating Today's Financial Technologies of Tomorrow", we offer you the conference "Tak Privacy Seriously: Design and Regulation of Digital Flat Currency" presented by Rohan Gray (Willamette University). For more information, please visit the activity's website. CONTINUING EDUCATION CERTIFICATE     A certificate of continuing education participation will be issued to lawyers and notaries who have signed the attendance sheets or completed the attendance forms during activities offered remotely. This certificate will be placed in your file on the continuing education platform of the Faculty of Law and the CRDP. Please consult your notifications to this effect. We ask for a period of ten working days following the holding of the activity for the production and submission of certificates. TRAINER Rohan  Grey Professor Grey’s Grey is the research director of the Digital Fiat Currency Institute , a consultant to the UN International Telecommunications Union’s Focus Group on Digital Currency , and a network manager with the FreedomBox Foundation , which develops privacy and freedom-respecting software for personal use. He is also the president of the Modern Money Network , a research fellow with the Global Institute of Sustainable Prosperity , a director of the National Jobs for All Network , and a member of ClassCrits and the Association for the Promotion of Political Economy and the Law (APPEAL).  SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES Schedule    January 24, 2022 Online conference in English from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. REGISTRATION FEES Free entry Registration required ACTIVITY INFORMATION For any information on the progress of the activity, contact Aurore Troussel , at: ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT FOR YOUR REGISTRATION Contact us indicating the full name of the activity and the date by: Email : Phone : 514 343-7389